Berkshire Choral International

Is Berkshire Choral for you?

Yes, you’re an amateur singer, but your vocal quality, level of preparation, and willingness to work are vital to the success of the experience for everyone.

You don’t have to audition to be accepted. Nor do we have an upper age limit. However, during your singing week you may be evaluated for your vocal ability and preparation. And whatever your age, we ask you to self-evaluate your musical ability and physical stamina.

Are you...

  • At least age 18?
  • Passionate about choral music?
  • A regular participant in organized singing?
  • Able to read music?
  • Able to follow and take direction from a conductor?
  • Able to perform, independently, your voice part in SATB choral music of moderate difficulty?
  • Willing to study your part (you’ll get a study CD) before you arrive?
  • Willing to attend two rehearsals each day?
  • Able to spend significant time on your feet?
  • Able to get around a sprawling campus?

If you answered yes to all that, do apply! If you have any questions about your musical or physical ability to handle BCI, please contact Chorister Services Director Cynthia Pease at or 413-229-1254.