Berkshire Choral International

Immerse yourself in choral music

There’s nothing quite like Berkshire Choral International. A singing trip with your church or community chorus is wonderful, but a week with BCI is so much more. It’s as close as most amateurs will get to a professional singing experience. It’s also your best chance to directly encounter choral music as a genuine revelation and expression of the human spirit.

You’ll arrive Sunday afternoon and proceed to spend 28 hours rehearsing the repertoire with a full-sized symphony chorus of singers from around the world. You’ll be led by an eminent conductor, and you’ll enjoy workshops and lectures with professional vocalists. On Saturday, you’ll perform with a professional orchestra and recognized soloists in a premiere concert venue.

If all that sounds serious, it is. But for our family of passionate choristers, nothing could be more fun and more deeply fulfilling. That’s why they come back to Berkshire Choral year after year.

Meanwhile, you are in a wonderful location! It’s hard for anything to compete with the glory of choral music, but our settings come close. When you have time off to rest your voice, there’s no shortage of memorable things to see and do. So don’t hesitate to bring your non-singing spouse or partner (we know one who’s been coming for 35 years). And if you come alone, don’t worry: people bond instantly here.


Sheffield, MA

July 9-16 and July 16-23, 2017

The Berkshires region of western Massachusetts offers a rare combination of natural beauty and world-class cultural riches. Two weeks of magical music making mark the final season in the village that has been BCI's home base for 35 years.

Asheville, NC

June 4-11, 2017

The majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains awes and inspires artists and musicians in this Southern city and will certainly make an impression on those who join BCI to sing Mozart in this vibrant venue.

Budapest, Hungary

August 6-13, 2017

The Brahms German Requiem will never sound so good as when sung along the Danube Promenade at Vigadó Hall.