Berkshire Choral International

Meet our community

Once they’ve discovered Berkshire Choral International, most people return again and again. Several have been singing with us since BCI was founded. So don’t be afraid to come by yourself, most choristers do. You’ll quickly feel at home. After all, everyone is at BCI for the same reason: a passion for music.

Here are a few of the people you might meet:


Claudia Broman, chorister since 1991

“BCI is like my very own private Brigadoon.”


Sibyl Mierley, alto, Hollidaysburg, PA

“From the moment I made contact with the Berkshire Choral staff, I was welcomed into the warm and loving BCI family.”


Carol Heckrotte, 2-year chorister

“Berkshire Choral organization is excellent and made the week work flawlessly.” 


 Marcia Hunkins, chorister since 1990

“Certain things in life are cherished. Singing at BCI is high on the list: the friends, the settings, and above all, the extraordinary opportunities to work with top-notch musicians on the world’s best vocal pieces.”


 Patricia Frizelle, chorister since 2001

“I am so grateful for having found Berkshire Choral and for all that it has brought to my life.”


 Joan Lam, alto

“Sharing the excitement of the music making by sponsoring a young scholar brought new meaning to my participation.”


 April Vuono, Alto

“By chance, I discovered Berkshire Choral in 1982. By choice, I’ve been back every year since.”


Tom Shanklin, chorister since 1983

“Berkshire Choral is included in my will because the first summer I attended, I felt like it saved my life. BCI offered me an opportunity to find my voice in more than one way.”


 Eleanor Winslow, chorister since 1983

“What could be a better legacy gift than support for an art form and an institution that have given me a lifetime of joy?”


Karlyn Ward, Chorister since 1991

"Now I realize it (the BCI experience) can be compared to Habitat. We start with a blueprint (the score), the main contractor (the conductor), the sub-contractors ( the faculty) who make sure all the nuts and bolts are nailed down (notes, rhythms, pronunciation, etc.), and by the end of the week, a work of beauty is released into the world . . . It is truly a remarkable enterprise."

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